I’d like to inform about Autism Suggestions Resources

I’d like to inform about Autism Suggestions Resources

These information sheets are free and online. They have practical advice and methods for families, carers, instructors along with other specialists.

Adult Support

Travelling by Plane

These records sheet is made to allow you to get ready for your journey, from making plans for your journey to reaching your location.

Asperger Syndrome

These details sheet details how people who have Asperger Syndrome may experience the core options that come with autism and also have specific challenges with social discussion and communication that is non-verbal.

Autism and aging

This information sheet is made to offer autistic grownups an introduction as to what takes place when you will get older.


Autism, Change and Transition

These details sheet presents factors why, and just how we could help autistic individuals during modification and change.

Building Independence

These records sheet explains just what being independent will mean to people that are different how exactly to achieve this.

Community Care Assessments

These records sheet is all about community care assessments and it is open to any adult prone to harm (vulnerable adult) including individuals with disabilities and psychological state problems.

Dating and Relationships

An introduction is given by this information sheet to dating, from selecting someone to disclosing your diagnosis.

Diagnosing Autistic Adults

These details sheet is made to offer you a step by step guide to everything you may expect you’ll take place through the entire procedure.


These details sheet describes just what a relationship is and provides some tips and hints about relationship.

Further Education

These records sheet is made to offer techniques for staff and pupils who are going to university or college by having an autism individual.

Online Safety

These records sheet was designed to enable you to remain safe on line. It offers some detail by detail explanations of why it’s important and exactly what do fail, aswell as some top tips.

Interviewing For The Job

These details sheet provides suggestions about simple tips to interview for the task.

Managing Panic And Anxiety for Autistic Individuals

These details sheet is all about managing panic and anxiety in autistic individuals.

MEG Studies

These records sheet was created to supply an introduction from what might take place during study that utilizes mind scans.

MRI Scans

These records sheet is made to offer you an introduction from what might take place throughout an extensive study that utilizes brain scans.

Internet Dating

These records sheet presents what you ought to learn about internet dating.

Personal Wellness Budgets

The individual health spending plan must certanly be element of a care or help plan, that ought to explain your entire requirements and just how you desire these has to be met.

Independence Re Payments

The following information has been compiled making use of publicly accessible sources. Autism West Midlands cannot provide specific advantage advice.

Personal Budgets

These details sheet provides you with an introduction to individual budgets and describes tips on how to contact the neighborhood authority for a individual spending plan.

Autism, Intercourse and Relationships

These records provides an introduction to various components of intimate behavior.


These records sheet was created to give autistic grownups an introduction to socialising.

The Workplace

These details sheet talks about a few of the key items that you may have to learn about the workplace.

Autistic Ladies and Girls

These details sheet explores the reasons that are possible this and exactly how autistic girls and boys will vary from one another.

Access be effective for autistic individuals

These records sheet provides all about the Access working Programme through the DWP.

Family Support

Helpful Information To Travelling By Plane

This information sheet is made to help you plan your trip, from planning your journey to reaching your location.

Asperger problem

These details sheet details exactly how people with Asperger problem might feel the core options that come with autism.

Autism and Behaviours of Concern

These details sheet was created to describe some possible reasons for behaviours of concern and suggests some processes to cope with them.

Autism and Bereavement

These records sheet was designed to offer information and advice on supporting people that are autistic have observed loss.

Autism and Self-injury

These details sheet offers informative data on self-injury and how to aid a one who self-injures.

Autism and Sleep

These details sheet describes a few of the reasons autistic kids may have difficulty with rest, and provides some suggestions on how exactly to enhance rest.

Change and Transition

This information sheet presents reasons why, and just how we are able to support autistic individuals during change and change.

Autism Friendly Cinema

These details sheet offers you a listing of most of the autism cinemas that are friendly the West Midlands and just how to gain access to them.

Selecting a college

These details sheet is made to allow you to think of whether an educational school would work for your son or daughter.

Developing Enjoy

These details sheet is made to explore play in autistic children, and provides easy methods to encourage children that are autistic develop their play.

Diagnosing Autistic Kids

The info sheet is dependant on the practice guidelines that are best compiled by the nationwide Institute for health insurance and Care Excellence (NICE).

Exclusions from class

This sheet contains some tips about what the law states associated with exclusion.

Food and Diet

These details sheet looks at problems some autistic individuals may have with meals and diet and just how to aid autistic individuals to have a nutritious diet and life style.

Fun Activities

This guide lists tasks and toys that moms and dads of autistic young ones are finding especially helpful.

Helping Autistic Children To Understand

These records sheet is all about assisting children that are autistic discover.


These records sheet is approximately seeking the right type of intervention for the autistic son or daughter.

Handling panic and anxiety for Parents & Carers

These records sheet offers methods of parents and carers about how to handle their stress that is own and.

Meltdown and Shutdown

These records sheet enables you to realize meltdowns and shutdowns and exactly how you are able to avoid/manage these.

Pathological Demand Avoidance

Some behavioural is provided by this information sheet techniques to guide a individual with PDA.

The SEN Code of Practice

These records sheet provides a tremendously fundamental summary of each the main rule.

Sensory Problems

These details sheet provides an introduction to those problems and exactly how to guide a person that is autistic sensory problems.

Siblings and Autism

These details sheet was designed to explain just how an autistic son or daughter may influence their siblings and provide some recommendations on just how to support siblings.

Autism and Stimming

These details sheet explains stimming behavior and how exactly to handle this.

Conversing with Your Child About Autism

It may be hard to understand when you should inform an autistic youngster about their diagnosis. These details sheet provides some suggestions on the best way to approach this subject.

Telling Other Individuals About Being Autistic

These records sheet offers some suggestions on the best way to approach this topic.