BetonPolymer Bornaengineering company’s management team started their activities since 1995, by collaborating with prestigious local and international companies. This company (Private Joint Stock company) has continued its construction and industrial activities in various fields by taking advantage of skilled and experienced staffs and relying on updated technical knowledge. The most important part of the company’s activities is classified in the following groups.

  • Preparation and implementation of hardened concrete flooring
  • Preparation and implementation of epoxy and polyurethane coatings
  • Preparation and implementation of anti-fire coatings
  • Preparation and implementation of sealing and concrete restoration systems
  • Production and procurement of dry construction mixtures and concrete admixtures
  • Preparation and implementation of self-leveling cement coatings

Objectives and policies of the organization

BetonPolymer Bornaengineering company as a leading company in consulting, design, production and implementation of industrial flooring and construction chemical additives , in order to achieve the organization’s goals through God’s  grace and mercy and highly qualified engineers shall apply its policy organization as follows:

  • Consolidating the position of organization as the best domestic performer and meet their needs and trying to enter foreign markets.
  • Expanding customerdemands, by offering thousands of diverse and marketable products according to meet local marketing requirements.

·         Customer-oriented approaches in competitive markets by offering a wide range of high quality products at an affordable price in competitive markets.

  • Sustainable development and job creation.



71mZMTSShahabuddin Sanaei Movahhed

Member and Chairman of the board of directors (Chemical Engineer)



Mehdi Sanaei Movahhed

Vice Chairman of board of directors and Managing Director (Civil Engineer)



Hussam Amiri Jam

Executive  manager (Civil Engineering)