Generally, according to the universal use of computers, electrical appliances and electronic equipment, manufacturing industry of such equipment is also booming.


The important issue in making such a complicated and sensitive tool is the need to have access to productive environment that be free from any electrical disturbances and disrupting the regulation of these devices during production.

To solve this problem,‌ the line of conductive flooring materials have been produced, so that the electric charge of traffic transfers to the ground.

Antistatic coating by using different coatings can be Epoxy or Polyurethane based.

Antistatic Coating

By using different coatings that can be regular or industrial Epoxy or Polyurethane based, in addition to high electrical resistivity, other properties of these materials such as chemical resistivity and so on can be used too.‌

Electrical resistivity is accessible by using designed systems.

This type of flooring electrical resistors transfers  ohm to ohm to the floor