Priming processes must comply with EN-ASTM-DIN-IGS-IPS-AWWA C214 and the following requirements.

  1. Material preparation and implementation of various polyesters lining and anti-acid Vinyl Ester (F.R.P)for tanks containing corrosive chemicals. This method is suitable for sanitary drain and waste water of water tanks coatings and Chiler water tanks against the damaging effects of water and oxidation of the metal surface. In a concise definition it must be said that this method consists of tanks coatingsby applying a matrix of Thermosetting resin(Polyester, Epoxy, Vinyl Ester)And fibers (Glass, Carbon) in ‌multiple layers. Choosing the type of resin, fibers as well as the number of layersdepends on environmental and chemical factors workplace.
  2. Retrofitting of concrete structures with Carbon fiber and Epoxy resin (F.R.C).