Polyurethane coating (Flexible, durable and beautiful)

These systems consist of three parts: primer, middle layer and last layer. Similar to epoxy coatings, the primer’s function is to insulate the surface and prevent the penetration of the moisture and air below to prevent the subsequent layers from separating. Due to a variety of These materials are used in different ways from different derivatives. One of the most prominent features of this series of anti-crack products is its cracking properties. It means that cracking concrete surfaces will be torn due to structural movements, due to the high flexibility of these materials, cracking at the final surface Does not emerge. In the coverage and protection of class parking lots, this is considered more, as well as the high speed of processing these materials from their privileges. The high chemical stability, resistance to sunlight and wear and erosion are among other advantages of polyurethanes. Extensive use of these materials is seen in all industries.