This product, based on specific cements and polymers, creates a fluidized mortar


Cementitious selfleveling product is especial cement and polymers based material which makes the mortar more fluid and has the following capabilities:

  1. High adhesion even at a thickness of 2 mm.
  2. High compressive strength from 28 to 32 MPa
  3. High abrasion resistance equal to 6/1 of the concrete surface.
  4. The ability to run two or more layers for thickness greater than 5.1 cm.


This product is produced in two different types:

The first type: self-leveling floors on concrete basis special for construction items:  floor area of residential units.

The second type: self-leveling floors on concrete basis special for industrial items: floor area of multistorey car parkings.

Due to the existing problems during concreting,‌ most residential structures and concrete floors implement in form of troweling, with low accuracy and the roughness of 2-5 cm. Always smoothing out the surface is done by removing and re-implementing of concrete which increases the structural weight and also the new layer does not have good adhesion to the old concrete.

Although, time concrete surfaces are eroded over time, and in the process of exploitation due to limited resistance to abrasion become HoneyCombing. Using self-leveling polymer cement for flooring is the only solution to adhere it to old concrete and with a minimum thickness to prevent further abrasion and will resist surface.