BP 162 Anti-Slip Liquid

A solution uses to avoid from slipping and slippery on a variety surfaces of construction materials such as tiles, ceramics, stone etc.

BP 160 Thermoplastic Polyurethane (foam seal)

It is an imported product that is used in order to fix leaking water of used concrete structures.

BP 158 Hydrophobic Surfaces (Facade)

It is a penetrating solution for hydrophobic concrete surfaces, stones and construction materials that is mostly use in building façade design.


BP 156 Concrete curing (curing)

It is a water-based curing material and a solvent for fresh concrete curing.

BP 154 Concrete Bonding Adhesive and Blasters

These adhesives have the characteristic of being used for concrete and mortar repairing, sealing and retrofitting.

BP 152 Metal fibers

The fibers are made of special alloy steel suppliers that can be a great alternative for armatures to be used in types of concrete.

BP 150 Polypropylene Fiber

Waterellipsisconcrete may cause micro-cracks. The use of fibers, prevent the occurrence of such a phenomenon and creates a solid surface. This product creates a surface with significantly higher tensile and flexural strength and also reduces concrete permeability. It minimizes the penetration of corrosive agents into concrete and increases concrete durability. It is worth mentioning that it is in compliance with ASTM C1116, Standard.

BP 148 Anti-Acid Mortar

Resin mortar is a twocomponent system based on organic resins that have greater resistance to variety of acids, solvents, oils and other corrosive chemicals. This product is used to cover all types of concrete and metal surfaces and ceramic lining, expose to chemicals or strong acids.

BP 146 Paste, Rebar Planting

It is produced based on Bisphenol-A in epoxy Resins and polyamine hardener component B. It is used as high strength interface layer to bond well existing dry concrete to fresh wet concrete texture. Also this material is used in order to rebar planting in reinforced concrete. It has self-leveling properties. High mechanical strength, durability and longevity, superior adhesion, and the absence of environmental and climate factors’ influences include other properties of this product.

BP 144 Bitumen Based Primer

A minor component on bituminous material and organic solvents basis that with proper adhesion and coating creates sealing blocks. It has many applications in concrete surfaces. As, it can be used as a cover stainless in steel buildings. The mentioned product is in compliance with ASTM C1116, Standard.

BP 142 Memnetary Liquid and Powder

A product on cement and chemical active substances based that by penetrating to old concrete causes crystallization of limestone aggregates in concrete and prevents water and moisture penetration in negative pressures.

BP 140 Polymer Cement Grout

Cement and acrylic polymer flexible product ‌that is used for sealing the inner and outer parts of the concrete surfaces of buildings and tanks.

BP 138 Polyurethane Mastic

Elastic joint sealant polyurethane-based suggested for cold weather application and has excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces with different materials. This product after implementing and drying process would have an extremely high elasticity and is resistant against chemical solvents including petroleum solvents. This product is made in Germany and Turkey.

BP 136 Bentonite Waterstop Products

This type of waterstop with High level of reversible swelling capacity is used in construction joints. This material self-injected into cracks and holes and is used for sealing construction joints.

BP 132 PVC Waterstop

The strip P.V.C is designed with the aim of sealing and expansion joints and is produced in different sizes and shapes. P.V.C waterstop are manufactured in two types of alveolar (OC) and flat (EC).‌ The flat type and the alveolar type are respectively used for construction joints, concrete cutting and expansion joints. The mentioned product is in compliance with ASTM D570 ,ASTM D 2240, Standard.

BP 130 Concrete Restoration

Ready mix cement mortar has significant adhesion to underway surfaces according to the polymers used in its production process. This product is used in order to repair cracks, fractures and for smoothing. It is produced in both single-component and two-components. The mentioned product is in compliance with DIN 1048, DIN 1045, ASTM C387, Standard.

BP 128 Tile Adhesive Powder

The product is produced based on organic-inorganic materials with other additional materials to install ceramics, tiles, stones and bricks in different environments, especially in humid conditions and surfaces in contact with water (Walls, bathrooms, balconies, facades, floors and Services …). It is in compliance with EN 1322, BS 5980, DIN 1865, Standard.

BP 126 Pasty Tile Adhesive

It is used to install any type of tile, ceramic and mosaic on surfaces that are not in contact with water. (Tiled surfaces, concrete surfaces, corrugated tinplate roof (Asbestos cement), wooden and plaster panels). It is in compliance with EN 1322, BS5980 , DIN 185, Standard.

BP 124 Concrete Waterproofing (Sealing Powder)

Without causing undesirable effects on the concrete, it provides water repellent and relative insulating properties. After mixing with cement and water in the concrete creates cortical hydrophobic (water repellent) inside the pores, holes and the surface of the concrete, breaks small connection channels inside the concrete and also reduce permeability. The obtained cortex have sustained property and it provides hydrophobic nature too. Concrete resistance against the invasion of sulfates and chemical solutions is also increased.

BP 122 Concrete Admixtures (Micro Silica Gel Additive)

They are the most appropriate concrete admixtures to increase durability and impermeability and mechanical and chemical resistance of concrete in coastal areas north and south of Iran with high exposure to chemical corrosion, especially chlorine ions. It is in compliance with ASTM C1240, Standard.